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Tooth Colored fillings

Silver fillings can weaken teeth, making them prone to further damage

Amalgam fillings were previously “locked” into the tooth’s structure, meaning most of the natural tooth structure was extracted upon treatment.

A natural alternative…

Today’s safe and durable alternative consists of a tooth-colored composite that is bonded onto the tooth; preserving most of your natural tooth's structure.

A bright restoration…

Composite resin can be matched to your tooth’s natural shade to be blended with your smile. Most patients are surprised to learn that these fillings won’t dull the appearance of your smile like mercury fillings do.

Long-lasting fillings…

Tooth-colored composite fillings have been streamlined in strength, and are now made to outlast mercury fillings. As the composite is finely layered and bonded onto the tooth surface, the filling is secured to last a lifetime.

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