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The idea of braces as we get older can be less-than-appealing to say the least. On a child, a mouth full of metal braces may seem cute, but it is a different story when we're adults. That is one of the leading reasons behind adults opting to not go after the straight smile that they long for.

Thankfully, due to breakthrough technology, there is another option available today that lets you get the smile you always dreamed about without bands, brackets, and wires. That option is Invisalign.

A clear alternative.
By using a series of clear removable aligners, Invisalign straightens your teeth right before your eyes. Change them about every two weeks, and your teeth will move—little by little, week by week—until they have moved to the final position that Dr. Asaf has prescribed. Comfortable to wear, our aligners are also removable so you can eat, drink, brush, and floss as usual.

Why have your Invisalign treatment at Encino Smile Center?

Invisalign is a great option for anyone who wants straighter teeth. Dr. James Asaf has completed hundreds of orthodontic cases with excellent and continuous results. Invisalign truly is a wonderful product. However, the success using it is dependent on the experience and abilities of the dental team. Dr. Asaf employs his skills and special techniques to deliver superb treatment plans that yield remarkable results and meeting every patients individual smile wants and desires.

Less treatment time
A typical Invisalign case takes about a year from start to finish. You’ll see Dr.Asaf every month or so to see how you’re progressing. Every few visits, you’ll be given additional aligners to continue your treatment. Commonly, the number of aligners worn during treatment is between 18 and 30, but treatment time and the number of aligners will vary from case to case.

Invisible and Comfortable
Invisalign is a virtually invisible solution. So you won’t draw undue attention to your mouth while in treatment. In fact, virtually no one will know you’re wearing them unless you tell them.

Is Invisalign for me?
Invisalign can be used to treat the vast majority of common problems for adults and teens. Whether your smile needs minor improvements or more extensive adjustments, Invisalign can certainly help. It's successful in treating overly crowded or widely spaced teeth. It can also relieve more complex issues, including overbites, underbites, and even crossbites. In fact, Dr. Asaf can use Invisalign clear aligners in all or part of just about any treatment plan.

If you would like to know more about straightening your smile with Invisalign then please give us a call to book a consultation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help get you on your way to a straight and gorgeous smile.

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